Guarianthe aurantiaca 'Spots' x self

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Guarianthe (syn. Cattleya) is a wonderful species that is tolerant of a variety of growing conditions and blooms reliably for us from late winter through early spring. Sheaths start in early winter, then "die" and dry out. Don't fret! The buds emerge from dry sheaths! young plants typically have 1-3 flowers per spike while more mature plants can have 6-10, possibly more. Flowers are typically long lasting and vibrant! The 'Spots' clone has bright orange flowers with red spotting which we expect to be passed on to its offspring from this selfing. We have seedlings available in 2'' net pots and expect first blooms in about three years as plants start blooming when still small.


  • Height: 12-18''
  • Light: Bright, 2500-3500 foot candles
  • Water: Dry Between
  • Temperature: Cool to warm, 50F nights to 90F days, prefers intermediate
  • Fragrance: None