Oip. Memoria Martin Orenstein 'Lulu' HCC/AOS

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These are just lovely plants that look almost pure Miltoniopsis but have just a touch of Oncidium in them that may make them a bit more temperature tolerant. This will have broad petals and sepals as well as a wide lip. The coloration is just gorgeous with heavy reddish spotting on pink petals and sepals that continues on a white lip. Available as young, seedling sized mericlones in 3'' pots. Expected to reach blooming size in 2 years with proper care.


  • Height: 15-20''
  • Light: Low-medium, 1000-2500 foot candles
  • Water: Slightly Moist
  • Temperature: Cool to Intermediate, 50F nights to 80F days
  • Fragrant: Yes