Paphiopedilum henryanum

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This is a stunning miniature Paphiopedilum species that has landed into my top 10 list of favorite orchid species. It stays fairly small and forms nice, slightly grassy clumps. The blooms are gorgeous and eye catching! Each growth can produce a single bloom that has a yellowish dorsal sepal with heavy spotting, the two petals are a dark maroon and the pouch is a lovely medium purple. This is an adorable plant that belongs in every Paph lover's collection! Available as blooming size plants in 3'' pots.


Some plants have minor spotting on the leaves. See first photograph after the flower for examples.


  • Mature leaf span: 6-8''
  • Temperature: Intermediate to warm
  • Water: Moist
  • Light: Low to medium
  • Fragrant: No