Paphiopedilum Ho Chi Minh 'Dunkel'

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This is a gorgeous primary hybrid between Paph. delenatii and Paph. vietnamense. The foliage is deep green with light green to white speckles. Truly a gem! The 'Dunkel' cultivar was made using Paph. delenatii var. Dunkel which gives the pouch and petals a more rich pinkish red color! Available as blooming size plants in 2.25'' pots. Some plants have mild cellular collapse on their oldest leaves from incorrect growing conditions. Plants are now growing strong.



  • Leave Span: 8-10''
  • Light: Low to medium: 1000-2000 foot candles
  • Water: Keep moist
  • Temperature: Intermediate to warm, 58F nights to 90F days
  • Fragrance: Some are, some are not