About Us

Life with Orchids was founded on the idea that everyone with patience and a willingness to learn can grow beautiful orchids. We believe that orchids have enriched our lives with their beauty in nature from the eye-popping colors of the Cattleya Alliance to the intriguing and alien oddities found in the Pleurothalis and Bulbophyllum Alliances.

Life With Orchids began in the summer of 2017 as a small shop on eBay. We have since expanded our horizons to Etsy and our very own website and hope you will follow us here.

In an effort to provide the best possible experience for our customers we have begun limiting our available stock on eBay. While we will always have a presence there in the form of auctions, crowd favorites and TLC plants, more unique plants will only be for sale on Etsy with some plants exclusively available here at lifewithorchids.com.

Thank you very much for joining us and we look forward to these new and exciting horizons!

Happy growing from Becky and the fur-team!


        Gyll, our canine office manager                        Xia, our feline shipping co-ordinator