Besgrow Orchiata Bark

Besgrow Orchiata Bark

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Orchiata Bark from Besgrow has been chosen as a preferred product from the American Orchid Society due to the highest quality standards, longevity and promotion of root health in orchids. It is a stand-alone media but can be combined with other media for a custom blend to suit your orchid needs. It comes in a range of grades, allowing you to choose the best bark size to suit your orchid needs.

Orchiata Bark is derived from New Zealand grown Pinus radiata. Besgrow's unique curing process removes toxins like pine resins while still allowing the bark to retain moisture and promote beneficial microorganism cultures. Additionally, it is long lasting, up to 3-4 years and is ready to use straight from the bag, making it the superior choice to other bark products.

Available in two sizes: 5 Liter in manufacturer packaging and 10 Liter in our own packaging.

Life With Orchids currently stocks three grades: Classic, Power and Power Plus to meet your growing needs!