Cattleya Harem Girl

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This is a nice miniature to compact growing Cattleya hybrid which has an unfortunate name. Name aside, we love both parents! Cattleya luteola usually brings down the size from the already moderately sized Cattleya schilleriana. Flowers may be yellow to bronze, with or without spotting and fragrant! This is an easy grower that will easily fit on a bright windowsill. Available as near blooming size seedlings, first blooms expected within 2 years.

Note: The flower photo is representational only. These are seed grown, plants and flowers may vary significantly from this example.


  • Height at maturity: 6-10''
  • Light: Bright, 2500-3500 foot candles
  • Water: Dry between
  • Temperature: Intermediate to warm, 55F nights to 90F days
  • Fragrant: Most likely