Cattleya lundii

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Cattleya lundii is often lumped in with the rupicolous Laelia (now all reclassified as Cattleya) however it is easier to grow and flower and can also be grown mounted or potted in a free flowing mix. Plants are happiest when grown an a very airy media and watered frequently. Fast drying is important to prevent rot. The plants themselves are miniatures, attaining a total height of less than three inches. Each new psuedobulb may produce 1-4 small white flowers with magenta lips. A great addition to any collection! Available as blooming size plants in 2.5'' pots.


  • Height at maturity: 3''
  • Temperature: cool to warm
  • Water: Dry between
  • Light: Bright, 2500-3500 foot candles
  • Fragrance: No