Dendrobium Thongchai Gold 'Kanokporn'

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This is a gorgeously flowered, medium sized Den-Phal type. We carry three clones on this hybrid. The 'Kanokporn' clone has sepals and petals that are a beautiful lime green and a dark purple lip. This clone is the only one we have detected a fragrance on. Easy to grow and bloom, this beauty belongs on your windowsill! Available as blooming size plants in 3.5'' pots.


  • Height at maturiy: 16-18'
  • Light: Medium - Bright, 2000 - 3000 foot candles
  • Water: Slightly moist during growth/flowering, dry between in cooler months
  • Temperature: Intermediate to warm, favoring warm, 58F nights to 95F days
  • Fragrance: Morning