Eurychone rothschildiana

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There's been a lot of debate on how to grow this delightful little species in regards to whether is a warm or cool grower. We say grow it intermediate with a slightly dry and brief winter rest... at least our's bloomed that way! These are lovely miniature plants with a Phalaenopsis-like growth habit and wavy leaves. The blooms are beautifully white with emerald-green throats and are night fragrant. We've found they like to grow mounted but moist for most of the year. Good candidates for medium or large vivariums and terrariums. Available as near blooming size seedlings in 2'' pots, first blooms expected within 18 months.

  • Height at maturity: 6-8''
  • Temperature: I
  • Water: M, short, slightly dryer winter rest
  • Light: L - M
  • Fragrance: Yes