Maxillariella tenuifolia (Syn. Maxillaria)

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This is the famous coconut orchid! This species is renowned for its heavenly fragrance and easy of growth. Burgundy blooms with white speckling are produced in the spring and summer months near the base of the leaves. Plants are also attractive out of bloom with their long, grassy foliage. Often they have a climbing growth habit but typically do best in pots due to their high water intake unless humidity is high. These are great beginner orchids and are tolerant of a wide array of growing conditions however they may prove challenging to bloom if not given enough light.


  • Height at maturity: 20''
  • Temperature: Cool to Warm, favoring warm. 50F nights to 90F days
  • Water: moist
  • Light: Bright, 2000-3500 foot candles
  • Fragrance: Yes, toasted coconut