Miltonia Kismet 'Kind Kai'

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A very fine true Miltonia (not to be confused with Miltoniopsis!), Miltonia Kismet takes its coloration after Miltonia clowesii  grandparent and its shape from its parent, Miltonia candida and other grandparant, Miltonia spectabilis. What this means is that we get beautiful, star shaped flowers that have bronze petals and sepals with darker brown striping that are nicely contrasted by lavender and white lips! We have these as established, seedling-sized mericlones in 3'' pots. Plants are expected to bloom in 12-24 months with good care.


  • Height:: 12-16''
  • Light: Medium, 1500-2500 foot candles
  • Water: Slightly moist
  • Temperature: Cool to warm, 50F nights to 90F days. Keep immature plants warmer
  • Fragrance: Unknown but suspected to be. 75% of ancestry is (Milt. spectabilis & Milt. candida are fragrant, Milt. clowesii is not)