Miltoniopsis Pearl Ono 'Illiwai' AM/AOS

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It's little wonder that Mps. Pearl Ono 'Illiwai' earned an award! What a fabulous orchid! Plants often bloom twice a year, producing gorgeous burgundy-masked blooms with a white background and thick waterfall pattern on the lip. If kept in bright, diffused light these plants will be very fragrant. These plants, without a doubt, will turn heads! Not recommended for beginner. Available as blooming size plants in 3'' pots. Please note that these are recent divisions (January 2021) and may not yet be full established in their pots. Plants may have imperfect foliage, please review photos if you think this may be a problem.


  • Height at maturity: 18''
  • Temperature: Cool to intermediate
  • Water: Moist
  • Light: Low to medium
  • Fragrance: Yes