Neofinetia falcata Shoujou 猩々

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These have wild-type Neofinetia foliage (aka standard)  with longer, green leaves. Easy to grow and bloom with crystaline white flowers, dark purple spurs as well as a splash of dark purple on the petal/sepal tips and a lovely fragrance that is especially strong at night. All photos are of the exact plant for sale in a 3'' pot. Plant photos were taken on July 19, 2021. Some of the foliage has very dark pigmentation - I was a little slow getting the shade cloth up this past spring. The flower photo is from a few years ago, before I took this division from my primary plant.

Plant is due for a repot.


  • Height at maturity: 5-7''
  • Temperature: cool to warm, 45F nights to 90F days
  • Water: Dry between
  • Light: Medium to high, 2000-3000 foot candles
  • Fragrance: Yes