Oip. Celtic Sun 'Blushed'

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These are drop dead gorgeous plants! Heavily influenced by their Miltoniopsis and cool growing Oncidium (formerly Ondontoglossom) parents, we think they will thrive if grown in similar conditions to Miltoniopsis. Their creamy yellow blooms and soft pink blush are sure to brighten your grow space and fill the air with a floral aroma! We have these as blooming size plants in 3.5'' pots.


  • Height: 14''
  • Light: Low-Medium, 1000-2000 foot candles
  • Temperature: Cool to Intermediate, 55F nights to 82F days, tolerant of short periods hotter or cooler (50F to 90F).
  • Water: Slightly moist, avoid complete dryness
  • Fragrance: Yes