Oncidium Gold Dust 'TOW' (syn Chian Tzy Chiou Ping)

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If you were to see this plants shape and flowers, you would immediately recognize its Onc. Twinkle ancestry. These little beauties are the result of backcrossing Oncidium Twinkle with one of its parent species, Onc. cheirophorum. The result is a dwarf plant with lots of fragrant blooms! We haven't bloomed this clone yet but we are expecting a heavy yellow influence. Available as near blooming size plants in 2'' pots. We expect first blooms by spring 2022.


  • Height: 6-7''
  • Light: Medium, 1500-2500 foot candles
  • Water: Slightly Moist
  • Temperature: intermediate to warm, 58F nights to 90F days
  • Fragrance: Yes