Paphiopedilum Greyi

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This is a wonderful, miniature hybrid that was first created in the late 1800s! The flowers are round and soft, with light to heavy maroon speckling on a white back ground and just a touch of yellow in the throat! The leaves are a beautiful blueish-green with white speckles and maroon undersides - a true jewel even when out of bloom. Easy to grow and flower, this is a true collector plant that belongs in every grower's collection. Available as young, blooming size plants in 2.25'' pots.


  • Leaf Span: 8''
  • Light: Low to medium, 1000-2500 foot candles
  • Water: Moist with slight drying between
  • Temperature: Cool to warm, 50F nights to 90F days
  • Fragrance: No