Phalaenopsis bellina

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Phalaenopsis bellina is a long time favorite novelty-type Phalaenopsis species. The flowers are a gorgeous lime green with bright magenta lips and a heavy spicy scent! Plants typically produce 1-2 blooms at a time from each spike and may do so for years so don't cut them unless they die on their own! We have blooming size seedlings in 2'' pots. Please Note: Although these plants are perfectly capable of blooming currently under ideal conditions, average hobbyist should expect blooms closer to 1-2 years. Some plants may have mechanical damage on their leaves.


  • Leaf span: 10-12''
  • Light: Low, 500-1500 foot candles
  • Temperature: intermediate to warm, 58F nights to 90F days
  • Water: keep slightly moist
  • Fragrant: Yes