Rlc. Shin Shang Diamond 'Tai-Young #1'

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These are beautiful splash petal Cattleyas that remind us of nobile Dendrobiums! 1-3 flowers are produced on short spikes held just above the foliage. The flowers have a yellow base with a darker, golden lip. The splashes on the petals can be red to light pink depending on conditions while the bud is developing as well as age of the flower. Available as blooming size plants in 3.5'' pots.


*** Please note that these plants are in bud/bloom currently but were treated with insecticide during bud development which has resulted in some deformities in some plants. Please only buy these if you wish to rebloom them. Also note: Plants need to be repotted once new roots emerge - the media is broken down and the plants may not have strong root systems. Please avoid purchase if any of these are problems for you.



  • Height: 10-12''
  • Light: Bright, 2500-3500 foot candles
  • Water: Dry between
  • Temperature: cool to warm, 50F nights to 90F days
  • Fragrant: No