Rndta. Sunrise 'Prasong'

Rndta. Sunrise 'Prasong' AM/AOS

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Rndta. Sunrise 'Prasong' AM/AOS is a wonderful hybrid between Renanthera imschootiana and Neofinetia falcata. This particular clone is a very, very prolific bloomer and the plant used to make these clones is in bloom nearly year round! These should stay fairly compact but, being a Vanda, will continue to grow and can produce impressively large specimen plants. The flowers with be a deep red-orange and approximately 2'' in size. Available as near blooming size plants in 3'' pots - 18 months to first blooms.


  • Height at maturity: 5''+ (monopodial growth habit)
  • Temperature: C to W
  • Water: DB
  • Light: B
  • Fragrance: Yes